I work for you in Teller County

Limited Government

I am committed to eliminating unnecessary governmental barriers so local business owners can prosper and help Woodland Park become a shopping, recreational, cultural, and event destination.

Fiscal Responsibility

Ensuring a budget that meets the needs not the wants of the city, provides for an adequate reserve, services existing debt as quickly as possible, and providing a properly maintained infrastructure essential.


Building mutually beneficial working relationships with Teller County, El Paso County, surrounding towns and cities, state and federal entities is essential for Woodland Park future.


I will strive to avoid any conflict of interest and will disclose any such conflicts if they arise. I will work to ensure all candidates for appointment to mayor, council, boards, and commissions shall be interviewed in public session by council prior to vote for appointment by council.


When citizens elect a council member, they are showing a confidence that they will act with integrity in office.  Integrity is combination of traits which include honesty, trustworthiness, respect, gratitude, responsibility, and patience.  As an Eagle Scout I follow the 12 points of the Scout Law and I live by my Christian values.


 Besides regularly attending council meetings for the last four years, I served on the 2021 Charter Review committee, chaired the Parks, Trails, and Open Spaces / Sustainability subcommittee for the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, and I'm serving my second term on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.